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Remodeling Your Bathroom: What You Should Know


When considering which room in the home could use a facelift, many homeowners look at the bathroom first. After all, it’s a crucial part of your daily life — and it tends to become old-fashioned or uncomfortable sooner than in other rooms.

If you’d like to turn your bathroom into a luxuriously relaxing destination, it might be time for a remodel. Here’s what to keep in mind while planning and renovating your bathroom.

1. Bathroom remodels don’t have to break the bank.

Given the complexity of plumbing and the cost of tile and porcelain, many homeowners fear that a bathroom remodel would be out of their budget. However, you can still have a beautiful new bathroom with lower-cost materials.

Here are some remodels that can save you money while providing luxury:

  • First, consider refurbishing your existing cabinetry, countertops, etc., instead of fully replacing them. You’d be amazed by what a simple paint or buff job can do. Save your money for the fixtures that truly need a replacement!
  • Second, choose synthetic alternatives. One current trend is vinyl flooring that looks like real wood. It gives your bathroom an earthy, sophisticated feel.
  • You can also try laminate or quartz countertops for a luxurious aesthetic that costs only a fraction of the cost of real granite or marble.

When combined with the right light fixtures and paint colors, these faux materials give you a gorgeously modern bathroom at an affordable price.

2. Today’s bathrooms emphasize both form & function.

Maybe your bathroom feels stuffy or old-fashioned but you’re not sure why. It’s helpful to look at current bathroom remodeling trends to see the difference:

Modern bathrooms often . . .

  • Include walk-in showers and/or bathtubs rather than the standard two-in-one.
  • Have separate lighting fixtures for the sink, shower, bath, and vanity. The lighting is also customizable and not necessarily tied to the exhaust fan.
  • Value having ample countertop space and expansive under-the-sink cabinets with drawers that tuck the clutter away.
  • Have sleek tile, vinyl, or hardwood floors instead of hard-to-clean tile or linoleum.

Many bathroom remodels also include nature-inspired elements such as marble countertops, mosaic designs, and wooden frames for the mirror and windows. These touches can give your bathroom a rustic-chic appeal that is timelessly charming.

3. DIY remodeling can save you money.

Whether you want to save your money for major renovations or just want to try your hand at something new, try some DIY improvements! You can freshen up your bathroom’s look quickly with some of these simple upgrades:

  • Replace your hardware. Drawer handles, door handles, and towel rings are relatively simple and cheap to replace. These are easy to replace yourself, and they can make a big difference in your bathroom’s appeal!
  • Replace your faucet. Like hardware, faucets are relatively easy to install. A modern faucet immediately improves your bathroom’s functionality and beauty.
  • Touch-up your porcelain. You may not need to replace a dented or scratched bathtub. With a bit of porcelain repair paste, you can patch many nicks yourself.

If you’re up for the task, you can also swap out light fixtures, mirrors, and other elements. Save your cash for major upgrades and the cost of professional labor to adjust your plumbing, electrical lines, etc.

 4. Code requirements have changed.

Many older bathrooms lack exhaust fans, GFCI outlets, and other safety features. Your remodel must include these elements for your safety. Below are some key safety upgrades to consider making.

  • Ensure that all outlets are on a dedicated 20-amp circuit with auto-trip protection. Because bathrooms have a high risk of electrical shock, adequate wiring and electrical health are vital to your safety.
  • Install or upgrade your exhaust fan to effectively remove moisture and prevent mold and mildew. (If you’re re-doing the walls, invest in moisture-resistant drywall.)
  • Always consult your local codes, especially when adjusting your bathroom’s wiring or plumbing.

And remember to leave room for necessary repairs and avoid removing anything that needs to stay in place. Such mistakes can be costly to fix.

Why bathroom remodeling is great! 

A bathroom remodel is a rewarding project that can drastically improve your home’s comfort! With proper planning and an industrious approach, you can save thousands of dollars on a bathroom renovation. As with any home remodeling project, do your homework and be willing to do-it-yourself whenever feasible! That will allow you to save money for major upgrades that require professional labor. Happy bathroom remodeling!


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